Restoring an old brick beauty in Central Ballarat


This beautiful old solid brick home in one of Ballarat's leafy central side streets was suffering from age and rising damp.

The entire front of house, the original 1875 section, required some drastic works. We removed everything from the rooms, including floors and skirts and took it back to dirt and removed some of that too. The most important part of the job stop the rising damp and rectify the foundations and brickwork. With a clean slate we replaced the stumps, the floor structure and new floor sheet.

We rendered the walls, fitted new plaster to the ceilings, installed new periodic cornices and roses to match the original, then restored the bedroom, fireplace and renovated the ensuite. This job had tight working space with little parking whilst respecting the neighbours by keeping the area clean and quiet. A an outstanding job with fabulous clients who helped us keep to schedule.