Dan Whitmore - Director of Whitmore Renovations & Restorations Pty Ltd is a qualified Carpenter and a Registered Builder with The Victorian Building Authority. That registration is Domestic Builder - Unlimited. (DBU41697)

Dan has received numerous industry awards and has done many construction and associated industries training courses. Dan is also an experienced tiler and plasterer.

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Renovations & Restorations takes a responsible attitude to living on this planet. We are thoughtful with the use of building products and wastage.

There are numerous ways to conserve while working to achieve a client's desires. From minimising the amount of driving and ordering materials, to arrive in time to work to reducing water when washing tools or adding to cement, or washing paint brushes and rollers into a bucket and disposing of the waste responsibly.

When quoting, Renovations & Restorations will attempt to reuse timbers or materials you may already have. We will suggest energy saving tips, and can advise on green star rated construction methods.

A project need not be more expensive while conserving, it may just take more thought and understanding of various construction methods.