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If you would like a quote on your works, or to just ask a question, we are happy to help. Please call Dan Whitmore direct on 0414 685 242.

A. Fixed Price Quote

Most people automatically request a Fixed Price Quote from a tradesperson, however there are options that when understood can save time, stress and importantly, can save you money.

While we are happy to provide any client with a Fixed Price Quote, there are jobs that are difficult to quote on. This is usually because there are factors that can't be predicted accurately at the time of the initial inspection. Things like the condition of hidden timbers such as floor boards or the structural timbers like joists, bearers and stumps - just to name a few of these factors.

So a fixed price quote would need to allow for all possible eventualities and therefore it maybe higher in price than it could be.

B. Alternative Quoting Method

An alternative method to overcome this potential discrepancy is a Rate Quote, which simply put, is an estimate of how long a job will take but with a rate per hour for works done. With a Rate Quote, we provide a regular (sometimes daily) emailed report to you with photos of works done and a summary with an important 'Costs so Far' section to enable you to monitor the project budget. This provides for a no-shocks option.

C. Fixed price quote with an agreed rate for extra or variation works

This method seems to satisfy clients who want the finality of the fixed price quote but with the flexibility to make changes if required, without delays in construction. We usually propose and negotiate the extra rate and agree to extra items as, or if, they arise.

Regardless of which method you choose, you will get a definite starting date, negotiated with you, and realistic project duration or schedule with the quotation.


This is our usual format for a report on works which could be emailed to you if requested or if deemed necessary by Renovations & Restorations.




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